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Well, I think first of all I´d introduce myself a bit, in case anyone care´s. My Name´s Andrea, I´m 30 (god, that sounds old) and I live near the charming city of Munich in the lovely state of Bavaria, Germany.

Actually I just created this account for one single reason. To have a chance to "publish" my silly little J2 fanfictions. Somehow I´m still pretty surprised with myself that I even start writing these things. I just started watching Supernatural this January after my sister recommended the show as "pretty cool". I fell in love at once, really. It just made click, watching the pilot and it was "wow, what a great show, what fantastic actors". So I did a bit of research about Jared and Jensen and at the end of January I joined a Supernatural forum where I found some really nice girls from Germany. And one of them was writing something about FFs and I thought it sounded pretty funny, so I started reading my first one. A first it felt a bit strange, reading something about two actors who are best friends and falling in love to each other (or being already) but I enjoyed it neverthelesse. And then, one not so special day in February I thought "why don´t you write one yourself" and that´s when my first story "A new beginning" was born. As I´m not that good in English I wrote it in German first, translating it afterwards but I hope everyone who´s going to read my stories will understand at least what I want to express. I´m constantly working on new ficts (translating or creating) so I hope I can post some new every few weeks.

Feedback and also (constructive) critism is very welcome.

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