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30 June 2011 @ 08:23 pm
J2 non AU Recs  
As my LJ is called „Aelia´s J2 Fanfiction Corner” I thought this should not only be about my fanfiction (they are not that good anyway) but also about the fanfictions of other writers I particularly enjoyed. This first post is for my fave non AU (non AU because Jared and Jensen are or were actors on Supernatural) because although I started reading AU´s recently (and yeah, I know there are fantastic fics out there) I´m still much more in the fics where Jared and Jensen are what they really are: actors. But I bet sooner or later I will also rec my fave J2 AUs there as well as my fave SPN fics.

There´s no accounting for taste and I´m sure there are people out there who think these recs aren´t any good as well as they probably think my own fics are shit. So, if any of these people are reading this post – sorry ;) – to everyone else I hope you will find one or two stories you maybe haven´t read yet and will like as much as I do.

Oh yeah, and you will find out that these storys are in a way a bit like my own. I think every writer writes what she or he enjoys the most and what I enjoy the most is drama, lots and lots of schmoop and cuddling, a storyline other than that it´s just about sex and fucking and a little description of feelings or the surrounding.

In the beginning I wanted to ask all the mentioned writers for their approval to link their story here but I soon noticed that it´s a bottomless pit. So, if any of you mind me recommending your fanfiction, please let me know.

The comments are my personal impression about the story, what I felt when I read it and what I liked the most and they may contain spoilers about the said story, so beware ;).

I´m constantly reading “new” (well, some are old) fics so I this post will be edited again and again.

Original Post: 04.06.2010
Update # 1: 20.12.2010

Let Me Love You by alienat

Author´s Summary: When season 5 wraps life couldn’t be better for Jared and Jensen. They’re in love, have major projects lined up and bought a house in LA. Everything is perfect until one second destroys everything they ever wanted. How do you fix something that can’t be fixed
Comment: I just LOVE this fic, I really do! It´s so wonderfully written and emotional and I still remember me crying again and again when I read it the first time (and I couldn´t stop reading), feeling so sorry for both Jared and Jensen. What I really like is the way alienat she shows that accidents not also change the person who is directly struck – in this case Jared – but that Jared´s actions and decisions also have a fatal affect on Jensen. What I especially love is the second part of the story. I was quite surprised about the timejump and impressed how Jared managed to make the best out of his life and the way Jensen comes back to him… Unbelievable sweet. Sometimes when I feel down I just read some especially loved parts of the story where Jensen´s there for Jared and it really makes me feel better, wishing to have someone like him.

Rescue Me by annie46

Author´s Summary: Jared and Sandy are married and expecting their first child. Tragedy strikes and Jared is left alone with a child to raise. Can Jensen help him?
Comment: I´ve read a good deal of annie46´s fics and they are all really good but I think “Rescue Me” is my fave of hers. That´s acutally funny because I first didn´t even want to read it because I´m not too keen on stories with kids. Don´t really know why but I avoid them like the plague. So, I only read “Rescue Me” and I loved it. Luckily (in my opinion) it´s not about the kid but really about Jared and Jensen. I love the way Jensen´s there for Jared and is such a great friend for him even though he´s been in love with him for ages. And it´s sweet how their relationship slowly develops.

On the Range by calysta18 (NEW)

Author´s Summary: Jared and Jensen are working on a movie together. Can they find their way to each other?
Comment:Calysta18 is another author whose stories I really enjoy and this is my favourite, probably because I´m such a lover of hurt!Jensen and caring!comforting!Jared. Apart from the fact that it´s wonderfully written, full of angst and schmoop (which always makes my heart melt) I like just how supportive Jared is and what he does for Jensen.

The Untold Love Story of Inanimate Objects by cyndrarae (NEW)

Author´s Summary: It’s the end of Supernatural. And after years of being together, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki prepare to part ways with one final getaway. But when Jared meets with a 'freak accident', saying goodbye becomes harder than it already is. Jared needs help healing, lots of it. And Jensen may have the best intentions at heart but he doesn’t really know what he’s doing. Like, not at all.
Comment: This story gave me the creeps – in both a ways. It is very well written and the idea behind it is so scary that it made me swallow and cry a couple of times reading it. It´s such a scaring thought that ‘”fans” could do something crazy like that and yeah… it was one of those stories that really occupied my thoughts after I read it

Falling In and Out by crackedbuthappy

Author´s Summary: Jared believes you never fall in love with the right person just once, you keep falling.
Comment: I only discovered this story recently and I really fell in love with it. It´s beautifully written and such a sweet story about Jared falling in love with Jensen throughout their relationship again and again but also learning to forgive. What I especially love is the imagination of Jared and Jensen together at old age and the end made my cry so much. It broke my heart to see Jared and Jensen so frail, old and sick but it was so sweet that, whatever Jared forgot, what he never forgot was that he loved Jensen. Just awwwwww

In A Mirror Distorted and Indistinct by felisblanco

Author´s Summary:They keep calling him beautiful. Pretty. “Come on. Look this way. Give us a smile, Jensen.” He smiles and blinks against the flashes, fighting the urge to lower his eyes, to hide the blush burning under layers of makeup. Sweat runs down his back, his hands tremble. He’s not pretty, not beautiful. He’s small and weak and pathetic and one day they’re all gonna figure it out. One day…
Comment: Who doesn´t know this story? It´s such a classic but I just had to rec it because it´s one of my all-time-faves for two simple reasons. First of all it was one of the first FFs I ever read (and I was so lucky that the first ones were such good ones, otherwise I think I´d never started to write myself) and the second is that I saw a lot of myself in Jensen. I never had an eating disorder but the way he is discribed just reminded me a bit of myself. Anyways, apart from that this story is very emotional and dramatic, full of angst but also sweet, the way Jared tries to help and Jensen slowly lets his guard down and starts to trust. I really was touched when I read it the first time

Closed Doors by germanjj

Author´s Summary: A secret that ought to bring them closer together, might tear them apart.
Comment: germanjj´s fics are just wow. I can´t describe it else because each and every one of her stories really took my breath away. So, it was hard to chose one but in the end I decided to take “Closed Doors”. It´s such a sweet story about family, friendship and love and the idea that Jared and Jensen are actually cousins is fantastic. That´s in fact something I particularly enjoy with all of her fics. She has the more unusual storylines, (like “The Empty Room”) and this alone makes her fics very special. Apart from that her writing is fantastic and the stories really have… heart. And I like that Chad isn´t some ass in her storys. He often is such a douchebag so it´s nice to read some where he is still… crazy but a real good friend.

Just One Breath by kkgee

Author´s Summary: Following a horrific event during filming, Jensen’s life hangs in the balance and Jared discovers what is truly important.
Comment: Another classic and that´s no surprise because this story is really awesome. It took my breath away when I read it, it´s everything you wish a fanfiction to be. Exciting, dramatic and angsty, sweet and schmoopy. The imagination of Jensen sacrificing himself to save Jared´s life is so romantic and apart from the fantastic storyline the story is so wonderfully written that kkgee really deserves the fanfiction Oscar for this one ;).

The Story how we (*really*) met by paleogymnast (NEW)

Author´s Summary: Jared and Jensen meet at a charity bachelor auction half a year before getting cast on “Supernatural.” Jensen’s hiding dark secrets and emotional scars, and attempting to recover from his troubled past, while falling head over heels for Jared. Jared wears his heart on his sleeve, but just can’t seem to understand his true feelings for his Jensen. Through many trials, tribulations, and near-catastrophes along the way, and with the help of a very understanding Sandy, these two hesitant friends become co-stars, and ultimately, lovers, healing each other from the mistakes of their past along the way. This is the story of how Jared and Jensen *really* Met.
Comment: I loved this fic when I read it. The idea of Jared and Jensen meeting at a bachelor auction and Jared purchasing Jensen for Sandy is really great and apart from that it is well written, funny but also cute and just a very entertaining piece of work.

Self Defense by pussycatbelle (NEW)

Author´s Summary: Jensen knew something was wrong. He didn’t know how he knew, but he did. What he finds at Jared’s home will change all their lives forever.
Comment: This was one of the first J2 fics I read and it got hooked me up. It is a really dark story, full of angst and the author really catches the atmosphere brilliantly, Jared´s grief and angst and Jensen´s worries. Apart from that the storyline is unique and thrilling and it is another of those stories that let shivers running down my spine when I read it.

The Play Nice Provisio by qblackheart

Author´s Summary: When Jensen Ackles first met Jared Padalecki, it was most definitely not love at first sight. It wasn’t even like at first sight. In fact, Jensen hated him, and he had a few good reasons as to why. So what if his new co-star was oblivious to his one-sided warfare? Jensen could deal. Apart from when he couldn’t. So when it came down to picking between Padalecki and his peace of mind, the choice seemed clear. Except for the fact that The Network had his balls in a vice, leaving him stuck with Supernatural, stuck with his idiot co-star, and worst of all, stuck with a ‘Play Nice’ Proviso added to his contract. Well, he could play nice. He would play so nice that the world was going to think that he and Jared Padalecki were the bestest friends in the history of best friends. It was unfortunate then that no one had ever told Jensen what happened when an immovable object met an irresistible force; no one had ever thought to mention that there was a thin line between hate and love; and nothing, absolutely nothing, could have possibly prepared him for Playing Nice with Jared Padalecki.
Comment: A very recent story, one of this year´s Big Bangs and I loved it so much. First I didn´t really want to read it because the way I am I want to have Jared and Jensen as friends from the very beginning but I read it nonetheless (because there were mainly AUs this year)and I didn´t regret it once. It´s wonderfully written and as soon as the boys sort their problems out it´s sweet how their relationship develops. What I really like about this story is that it tells the reader what can happen when you don´t talk to each other and when you let yourself lead by your prejudices.

Early Mornings and Late Nights Under Overcast Sky by sxeraven

Author´s Summary: Jared’s girl (Sandra) breaks up with him. Jensen tries to help. Things go (rapidly) downhill from there... then fester... then get better?
Comment: The longest fanfiction I´ve ever read, more than 100.000 words and it took me a while though I wish I could have read it at once because I really liked this story. It´s nice how Jared and Jensen get to know each other better and better, how they are helping each other but not everything´s happy and smily all the time.

Fated to Pretend by xkatjadx

Author´s Summary: Due to extraordinary circumstances Jensen offers to spend a weekend pretending to be Jared’s girlfriend. Jared soon realizes that he got a lot more than he bargained for.
Comment: Actually I´m more into the dramatic fics so I hardly read comedy and I´d certainly describe this one as comedy but it´s fantastic. I laughed so much when I read it, just the imagination of Jensen as a woman is fantastic! There are some hilarious moments but what I really like is the good mixture of humour and schmoop and the way Jared and Jensen slowly find each other

Wake Up Call by vambrace (NEW)

Author´s Summary: Jared forces a break-up with Jensen out of youthful insecurity; eighteen years later can Jensen's son find a way to help them heal their relationship?
Comment: This was one of this year´s Big Bangs and I really enjoyed it, I still can´t believe it only got 30 comments so far… It was an unusual, heartfelt story and wonderfully written. Normally, I´m not into “kids” fic (though Jensen´s boy is 18 there) and I try to avoid them but somehow the summary got me hooked and I really liked how Daniel tries to help his dad but that the main story is still about Jared and Jensen. What I particularly enjoyed is that the story really is about the guy´s relationship and that the sex scenes weren´t in the focus too much

Swings and Roundabouts by veronamay (NEW)

Author´s Summary: "Five minutes after we met I wanted to get my hands on you."
Comment: The Summary really doesn´t give the story justice because there is so much more in it than that, even though in the end the story is about getting together in the end. It´s a J2 future!fic, starting in 2005 and ending in 2016 and it just shows how friends can go separate ways but still, well, don´t forget about the other. It made me cry in a few parts and what really was extraordinary was how much effort the author put in the “script” for the movie Jared and Jensen making
Lisa: SPN Jared hatasilia on September 4th, 2010 10:17 am (UTC)
I love recs :D The Play Nice Provisio is one of my fave fics ever as well, it's awesome!

I should totally recommend you some of my very fave non-AUs (I'm really more of a non-AU kind of girl although there are some amazing ones out there)... Have you ever read "The Untold Love Story Of Inanimate Objects"? It's one of my fave fics EVER, it's simply amazing! Just in case, the link: http://cyndrarae.livejournal.com/85459.html

Looking through my bookmarks I just realised I have MUCH more Dean/Sam fic saved than J2... but maybe because I'm picky and hardly read anything that doesn't involve hurt!Jared, lol.
aelia1980aelia1980 on September 4th, 2010 02:24 pm (UTC)
Just read the story you recommended, it was really beautiful, very well written and an extraordinary story I think. Thanks for the rec, it made my afternoon!
Lisa: SPN J2 touchingasilia on September 4th, 2010 03:34 pm (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed it, it's definitely my fave story of J2. I wish I could rec you some more but as I said, my bookmarks really consist mostly of Sam/Dean, maybe because I'm extremely picky with AUs and there aren't that many good canon J2 fics?!
sarahk_63sarahk_63 on December 16th, 2010 07:46 am (UTC)
omg! non au recs - where have you been all my life?

i've already read a couple...but i can't wait to sink my teeth into the others.

thank you for posting this list!
aelia1980: Set_HookManaelia1980 on December 16th, 2010 07:49 am (UTC)
You're welcome :). Have a look there again around Christmas because I'm planning to update it soon.
Lisa: SPN J2 S1 promoasilia on December 21st, 2010 09:21 am (UTC)
I've read most of those stories too and obviously love them - esp. The Play Nice Provisio and Self Defense are awesome stories... and well, you know that "The Untold Love Story of Inanimate Objects" is one of all-time favourites.
aelia1980: ComicCon2010_1aelia1980 on December 21st, 2010 09:27 am (UTC)
It's really good that our tastes are so alike when it comes to J2 stories (not to mention a lot of other things). Probably one of the reason we get along so well ;) ♥. And I really should look for more stories to make sure you are not running short - or write more myself ;)
sarahk_63sarahk_63 on December 23rd, 2010 09:47 am (UTC)
Oooooh an update!

Thank god, I was withering waiting for someone to post some excellent stories to read.

Thank you so much for this ((aelia)).

Hope your Christmas is Merry and Bright and I hope you have a Happy and Healthy New Year, as well.

*runs off to read*
aelia1980: FotoshootingImpalaaelia1980 on December 23rd, 2010 06:06 pm (UTC)
Well, I hope you will find the stories excellent, taste is really different especially with J2 stories as I´ve found out ever since I landed here on LJ. But hopefully you´ll enjoy them!

Wishing you also a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

benji13lbenji13l on January 6th, 2011 10:04 am (UTC)
thank u for doing this list
its just wow
im in the place to be ^_________^
aelia1980: Trikotsaelia1980 on January 6th, 2011 10:18 am (UTC)
You´re welcome. Hope you will find a few stories you like and enjoy as much as I did :)
vbaklini@gmail.comla_sigh on January 20th, 2011 04:36 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for your recs !! There is so much SPN fic out there and time being what it is , I find recs so help !! I am going to hit on your fic too, so I'm adding you to my flist. Happy Day, sweets !!
aelia1980: FotoshootingImpalaaelia1980 on January 20th, 2011 04:40 pm (UTC)
You´re welcome! There are so many great writers out there an I just wanted to pay my respect to a few of them. But I´m always stumbling over new, great fics so this list is certainly being updated again in a few months.

About my own fics, you are more than welcome to read them, of course. I hope you will enjoy them. And it´s always good to get new friends here on LJ.
lisaj67lisaj67 on August 8th, 2012 08:58 pm (UTC)
the self defense link is sending me to the play nice provisio :(
aelia1980: J2_CWUpfrontsaelia1980 on August 9th, 2012 03:09 am (UTC)
Thanks for the info, the link should work now, and if not, here is it: http://pussycatbelle.livejournal.com/tag/self-defense
lisaj67lisaj67 on August 9th, 2012 03:22 pm (UTC)
Ooooh Thank you hun x :)
aeren76aeren76 on June 3rd, 2013 01:55 pm (UTC)
Thank You so much for this ammazing list! I ussually read AU j2 but NON Au are my faves now! Hugs!
aelia1980aelia1980 on June 3rd, 2013 06:09 pm (UTC)
You´re welcome. It´s been a while since I posted it but I hope you´ll find some fics you like :)